“My ultimate favorite pizza never disappointing, Creamy Garlic Sauce cheese pizza, I sometimes add basil, and on the table they always have extra virgin olive oil and grated parmesan cheese which I love to put on my pizza. Whom ever I have referred this pizza to; they have all loved it. Tuscan Chicken wings are superb and the seasonal spring and fall salads two thumbs way up. On a hot summer day Sangria by the pitcher is the way to go or ice cold lemon water which they always oblige me. Is there a Wait? Well of course there is a wait! What great place does not have a wait? If there is a wait we will go to the bar and have a cocktail or sangria and maybe order the tuscan wings or appetizer there while waiting (never waited longer than a half hour) when our table is ready we bring our drinks along and while waiting for our order to come we will ask for the little mixed breads to nibble on while we wait. Sometimes if it is nice out we will request an outdoor table not usually a wait for the outdoor seating. Tonight’s pizza was the best Evaaaah”